Replica Cartier Watches

5Cartier Watches Celestial type the tourbillon carbon crystal wrist watch carries with the 9460 MC hand chain movement, and its Structural mechanism is something the same as the 9541 MC ( both as the same object tourbillon movement); However, 9460 MC is a new product concept of a combination of two concept watches, so the main differences should be on the material selection. 9460 MC hand chain movement, tourbillon watch bridge made by carbon crystal, escapement fork and the escape wheel, while the axis of escapement is tungsten carbide material. You will find one highlight of this watch is to improve the operational efficiency through material selection and make the escapement part can be achieved without calibration and without lubrication.

For the replica cartier watches, it is also featuring very sophisticated production techniques. Carbon crystal tackled longitudinal components of the technology made by ion etching technology (DRIE), which is from the research of ID2. Due to the production precision, so the parts itself is very fitted, and the density of tolerance can be within 0.0001 mm. So in operation this Cartier watch can make the best use of energy.

Transparent carbon crystal material has an excellent visual effect. But to choose this kind of material is not only for good-looking, but taking a fancy to this material with antimagnetic, ultra-high hardness, and the advantages of light quality. These qualities for continuity of escapement structure itself has the advantages of strong. In addition to tungsten carbide axis of escapement, the cartier replica watches also need to consider the hardness of tungsten carbide. Replica Cartier Watches also again clad a smooth layer of coating outside to reduce the friction to a minimum.

So, for a watch fan you need to know more about the features of the watch you are going to buy including its movement, watch dial, watch world circle, watch outer ring, watch bezel, watch bracelet etc.