Rolex chronograph Daytona innovative materials to keep pace with the times

Swiss-Rolex-Day-Date-Diamonds-Number-18k-2tone-Black-Replica-WatchThe current rolex daydate replica watch has experienced update of ten years since 2000 to change the update. Although the appearance and function of the Rolex chronograph Daytona change little, but as one of the Rolex’s most popular series watch, the Rolex chronograph Daytona still continues the update in terms of the watch movement and the external material sophistication which is the achievement of the Rolex chronograph Daytona to be the perfect and delicate chronograph at present.

Cosmograph Daytona Ref.116505

The Rolex chronograph Daytona is firstly made by the Eternal Rose Gold case which is the patent of the Rolex. In the recent 20 years, the rose gold has been the most popular and precious metals material for the people in the east. But the traditional rose gold material has a drawback, which is easily lost the original color and light with the years pass for the impact of chemical composition. In 2008, Rolex published the cosmograph Daytona Ref.116505 firstly equipped with the new 18K Eternal Rose Gold of Rolex. The adding of the proportion of platinum, colors the rose gold preserving brightly for a long time. As well as the buckle, pointer and timing also use the rose gold which is the patent of replica rolex watches. Even after a long wearing, it can ensure the beautiful appearance.

Cosmograph Daytona Ref.116598 RBW, 116599 RBW, Ref.116599 4RU and 116589 RBR

Besides the design of 18K Gold watch case and the beautiful jewelry appearance , the Rolex chronograph Daytona is with the classic stainless steel, alloy steel, 18K gold and other traditional styles; the Rolex Oyster Perpetual universe meter is published in 2009, and also launched a variety of equipment with 18ct Gold or platinum watch case jewelry watch styles. And this is for the first time, for example, the Rolex is embedded on the outer ring of a square diamonds and rubies, an ear cover inlaid diamonds, surface density of diamond Ref.116599 4 and 116589 RBR as well as the outer ring inlaid with sporadic rainbow-like of the Daytona “Rainbow” such as Ref.116598 RBW and 116599 RBW etc. whose colors distinguish the atmosphere of it.